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Research conducted by HSBC in 2019, identified Australia as the seventh-highest property-obsessed nation in the world. Your house is one of the biggest purchases you will make throughout your life. Therefore, understanding home loans is an important aspect of property purchase. A home loan is the amount of money lent to the borrower by a financial institution, secured against the property for a specific term - typically, this will be a period of 25 to 30 years. The borrower and the lender also agree on the interest payable and the repayment schedule. The interest can be fixed or variable depending upon the agreement between the borrower and the lender. The repayment schedule can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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Feature of Home Loans

Every loan that one takes is unique. The most significant benefit of obtaining Home Loans is that one continues to remain the legal owner of their residential property while they use the loan funds to fulfil their needs.

No extra Establishment Fees

Triple O Finance offers no extra establishment fees to their applicants by offering affordable interest rates starting only from 1.99%*, without having to use their savings, leaving it untouched.

100% Offset Account Available

We offer to link your home loan where you can park your savings and spare cash. You can even deposit your regular income to the account and just transfer out what you need to spend, as you need it.

Unlimited Extra Repayment

If you’ve got a bit of spare room in your budget, you can increase both your repayment amount helping you make an even bigger impact on your loan.

Redraw Facility Available

Access additional repayments that you've made on your home loan over and above the minimum required repayments.

Option to split variable and fixed

Divide your loan into multiple parts - meaning you could nominate a portion of the loan to have a fixed interest rate and the remainder could have a variable interest rate.

Interest Rate Lock upto 90 days on Fixed Loans

Triple O Finance offers fixed rate that is available at the loan settlement date or the date the fixed rate period commences. At the end of the fixed rate period the interest rate will convert to the applicable variable home loan interest rate.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Need for a guarantor varies from applicant to applicant depending on their overall strength of the financial position that includes their assets, liabilities, income or expenses among others. A guarantor acts like an added security to the lender because they provide a guarantee to the lender that in case of any default by borrower on loan repayments, guarantor would pay back the amount owed to the lender. This makes it imperative for the guarantor to seek independent legal or financial advice whenever they consider providing a guarantee and be aware of all the personal and financial risk associated with it.

There is a thin line of difference between a home loan and mortgage. Home loans refers to a secured loan obtained by borrower usually from banks or financial institutions or companies that lend money to buy a property while a mortgage is a loan that allows one to avail funds against any immovable property that acts as a collateral to the lender. At the same time, it gives the right to the lender i.e. the mortgage to sell the collateral property on default in loan repayment.

A home loan is usually provided to the borrower when they contribute to the property purchase in the form a deposit post which the lender provides the remainder funds (principal amount) to help the borrower purchase the desired property. Further, to ensure security against default in loan repayments, lenders ask for mortgage over the property. The borrower usually have to repay the loan as per the duration chosen for the instalments over a specific time period along with interest and other charges.

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